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Kerry Given

Kerry M. Given is a freelance writer, indie author, and occasional ghostwriter specializing in topics such as history, science, gardening, sustainability, culture, media, and women’s issues. She is the author of P is for Princess: The Extraordinary Lives of 26 Real-Life Princesses, and numerous articles and blog posts.

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  3. Jan
    Jan August 31, 2014 at 6:19 am |

    Although you wrote your article some years ago maybe you can help me?

    I think that most Timeline software focus on presentation and lesser on chronology of the events, the software I have seen only support absolute startdates.

    Are you aware of Timeline software with the functionality to define relative startdates of events like in gantt charts? So for each event you can choose a predecessor event as well as an offset in years/months/days. The date will then be calculated automatically.

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