Welcome to my little piece of the web. My name is Kerry Given and I’m a freelance writer and indie author. Most recently I published P is for Princess: The Extraordinary Lives of 26 Real-Life Princesses, a nonfiction book for young readers about 26 awesome princesses from around the world. Keep an eye on the news to learn about my upcoming releases!

I also write articles and am currently in the process of uploading or linking to a bunch that I’ve written in the past or for other websites. At this point, the collection is still a bit sparse because the site is still new, but it will grow over the coming weeks and months. I will also be publishing new articles here as they are written.

Finally, I’m a collector of useful and interesting links from around the web. You can feel to check out my collection of bookmarks or follow me on Pinterest, where I share pictures and videos of everything from re-imagined Disney princesses to diagrams of permaculture landscapes. Sometimes I also curate collections of themed links – check out my posts on software and tools for writers for one example. I like lists, so you can expect more like this in the future!

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Kerry Given

Kerry M. Given is a freelance writer, indie author, and occasional ghostwriter specializing in topics such as history, science, gardening, sustainability, culture, media, and women’s issues. She is the author of P is for Princess: The Extraordinary Lives of 26 Real-Life Princesses, and numerous articles and blog posts.